General Procedures

  • Your dog must be current on vaccinations (DHLPP, Rabies, and Kennel cough)
  • Must have Negative Fecal results
  • You must bring your pet's food with them.
  • They usually do better without changing their diet during their stay. Make sure you bring enough!
  • All dogs must be kept on leash coming to and leaving the resort. Those who choose to let their dogs off leash do so at their own risk!!!
  • Working emergency #'s and your veterinarian's name must be left by owner at the time of drop off. Items can be left with your pet to make them feel more comfortable(Toys, bed, blankets, treats,....)
  • Detailed instructions about your pet's care including medications, feeding instructions, and any other special care instructions will be gone over at the time of drop off.
  • If your dog has had trouble at other boarding facilities, or has aggressive tendencies of any kind, please make us aware.

Facility Policies

The health and safety of your pet during their stay with us is our #1 priority! Their happiness is a very close 2nd. With that said, due to unpredictable behavior, the dogs will not have access to each other unless otherwise discussed with their owner. If they have another dog they are comfortable with, then play times with that dog will be arranged. Each day your pet is with us consist of 4 play times. They are out in the indoor or outdoor areas for 20 min. to run around and have a good time. Additional play times and other services can be included in your pet's stay. See price chart for details. We will help you decide what package or services will best suit your dog! For medical questions or emergencies the emergency contact numbers will be called first. If we are unable to contact anyone, then medical attention will be received at your pet's regular veterinarian or the ALL PET EMERGENCY CLINIC if we feel it is necessary. This will be at the owner's expense. We are not responsible for damages done to items brought with your dog (toys, blankets, beds, etc).

Drop-Off & Pick-Up

If a drop off or pick up time outside of regular hours is needed there will be a $25.00 fee if it can be arranged. There are no guarantees!!! The dogs will be very excited to be at their vacation spot! When you arrive there will be paper work for you to fill out and things to go over. What usually works best is for us to get your dog settled in and then go over things. Click on the following link for the check-in form:


For pick ups, again this is a very exciting time. We will want to tell you all about your pet's stay and how things went. We will try to have an information card to send home with you. Try to remember to get all the belongings you sent. We will try too. If for whatever reason we feel like your pet did not do well during their stay (nervous, aggressive, ....) we will let you know. If you have any questions about services or policies we will be happy to go over things with you. We look forward to taking care of your pet and getting to know them!


Routine Services

Overnight Stays:$18/night ($14/night for 2nd dog)
Day Care:$15/day
Day Camp:$35/day (includes 2 training sessions)


Extra Play Sessions:$4/session
Extra Leash Walks (around the pond):$5/walk
Swim Time:$8/session
Daily Brushing:$5
Nail Trim:$8
Anal Glands Expressed:$8

Special Packages

Pampered Pooch Package
1 leash walk, 1 extra play time, daily brushing
Energetic K-9 Package
2 leash walks, 1 swim time
Critter Clean-up Package
bath, anal glands, nails, and brush

Drop-Off & Pick Up Times:
Monday - Saturday, 7:00 am to 8:00 am and 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Sunday, 5:00pm to 6:00pm